Cellulose Casings

NOJAX® casings are designed for high speed, automated production of hot dogs, dry mini salami, cooked and coarse-ground sausages. NOJAX® casings are made of regenerated cellulose and come as shirred sticks for use on automated stuffing equipment, no soaking required.

Features & Benefits

  • Permeable to smoke and water vapor, and impermeable to microorganisms
  • Shirred in ready to use sticks with high breakage resistance and superior size uniformity to be used on high speed stuffing machines
  • Available in a variety of colors and with stripes for product identification and/or food safety purposes
  • Available in footage lengths of 55’ to 225’ (17 to 68 m)
  • Food grade self-coloring in Dark Cherry, Super Dark Cherry and Dark Orange (for selected markets only)
  • Pre-moisturized with stick closures for use in all stuffing machines
  • Available with EZ-PEEL® treatment for high speed casing removal
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Size Range
  • From 14 to 48 mm
Color Range
  • Clear
  • Wedzone
  • Blue
  • Blue SENTINEL®
  • Black, white or blue stripes available on certain casings
  • REG (no treatment)
  • E-Z PEEL®
  • E-Z PEEL® Premium
  • Self-coloring
Finishing Formats
  • Ready to use sticks from 55′ (17 m) to 225′ (68 m)
  • One color, one side
  • EZ-SIGN™ smoke block

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