Plastic Casings

POLYJAX® casings are designed for the high speed, automated processing of hot dogs, sausages, chorizo products and meat snack sticks. Polyjax® plastic casings are ideal for efficient and consistent meat product processing with limited barrier characteristics and excellent shirred stick properties.

Features & Benefits

  • Barrier protection, impermeable to microorganisms
  • Produced in a variety of colors and calibers for use across many processed meat products
  • Shirred in ready to use sticks with high breakage resistance and superior size uniformity to be used on high speed stuffing machines
  • Continuous printing (front and back) with up to 4 colors; high quality printing is available to enhance product’s visual appeal
  • Available with easy peeling capabilities for reduced meat adhesion
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Size Range
  • Recommended Stuffing Diameter: 16.0 to 41.5 mm
Color Range
  • Light Wedzone
  • Wedzone
  • Light Orange
  • Other colors are available upon request
Finishing Formats
  • Ready to use sticks from 55′ (17 m) to 110′ (34 m)
  • From 1 to 4 colors, front and back side
  • Continuous or process printing

Product Variations

Polyjax® casings are available in two product variations: Polyjax® and Polyjax® PMN. Casings have each been designed to provide optimal product performance for a variety of applications.

  • Barrier properties with excellent manual peeling
  • Designed to prevent the formation of jelly pockets
  • Enhanced with easy peeling characteristics for high speed, automated production and manual peeling

Consolidated Products: Darmex Casing® Polymini

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