TeX Spice

Transfer Casings

Textile spice transfer casings consisting of a non-woven fabric coated with high-quality spice mixtures for transfer of the spice to the food. TeX Spice non-woven fabric sheets, cut pieces and reels are coated with high quality spices, herbs, and blends for simplified production and cost savings for cooked sausages, cheeses, pates, smoked pork, ham and fish products.

Features & Benefits

  • Water vapor and smoke permeable
  • Allows for flexible production of products with different spice coatings from a base mix
  • Unlike tradition production, no gelatin is required to adhere spices to application
  • Uniform coating and application with optimized edible spice adhesive offers substantial advantages when cutting and slicing
  • No separate purchasing of spices for coating required
  • Environmental protection and hygiene standards are increased while resources are conserved
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  • Traditional seasonings and blends like Pepper, Mediterranean herbs, Pastrami, Paprika and Curry
  • Customized spice and herb mixtures available
Finishing Formats
  • Ready to use sheets, cut pieces and reels

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