Large Cellulose Casings (LCC)

Large Cellulose Casings can be used for bologna, mortadella, deli ham, bierwurst and dry sausage. Large cellulosic casings are designed to give either a cylindrical or oval shape to processed meats.

Features & Benefits

  • Regenerated cellulose
  • Permeable to smoke and water vapor
  • Providing stretch properties adapted to your products with standard casing or PR for cylindrical shapes and VISREX, HS or ZEPHYR® for oval meat products
  • Available pre-moisturized
  • Available in reels, bundles, cut pieces or shirred stick finish format
  • Available clear, smoked, or other colors (non-transferable)
  • Providing exceptional clarity and glossy surfaces to enhance appearance of finished product
  • Printing up to 6 colors on the front and/or back
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Size Range
  • Americas: From 65 to 244 mm
  • Europe: From 34 to 250 mm
Color Range
  • Clear
  • Smoked
  • Other colors available
  • REG (no treatment) pre-moisturized
  • E-Z PEEL® easy release
  • SEC anti-mold treatment
Finishing Formats
  • Reels
  • Bundles
  • Cut pieces
  • Shirred sticks
  • 1 to 6 colors, front and back side

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