Plastic Casings

VISMOKE™ casings are smoke permeable casings for cooked and smoked meat products, semi-dry sausage and spreadable dry sausage. Vismoke™ casings are smoke permeable casings that limit the loss of moisture, thereby eliminating the need for additional packaging. Casings are available in a wide range of appearances, textures and permeability levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Monolayer and multilayer plastic casings permeable to smoke
  • Excellent performance and safe handling on all common clipping devices
  • Shirred sticks and tied pieces in both straight or curved forms
  • Available with rough touch, matte, or shiny surface finishes
  • Attractive multicolor prints for personalization
  • Effective mold protection, with no additional treatment required
  • Limited moisture loss, requiring no additional packaging for an extended shelf life
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Size Range
  • Straight casings from 33 to 72 mm
  • Curved casings from 33 to 50 mm
Color Range
  • Available in a range of appetizing colors to enhance the smoked appearance
  • For individual colors refer to the Viskase Color Manual
Finishing Formats
  • Flat reels, bundles, cut pieces, and shirred sticks
  • Available as ready-to-use to enhance productivity and reduce contamination
  • From 1 to 6 colors, front and back side

Product Variations

Vismoke™ casings are available in two product variations: Vismoke™ and Vismoke™ LWL casings. Each has been designed to provide optimal product performance for a variety of applications.

  • Permeable plastic casings for a hearty smoke taste
  • Suitable for cold and hot smoking processes
  • Cylindrical shape of finished product
Vismoke™ LWL
  • Lower degree of permeability for reduced weight loss and extended shelf life in the finished product

Consolidated Products: Walsroder® K-Smok

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