Transfer Casings

VISCOAT® casings impart color, flavor and smoke with a one-step production within a tight tubular film. VISCOAT® casings provide cost savings for a premium consumer experience across a wide range of applications including turkey, ham, and roast beef. VISCOAT® casings have all the benefits of a barrier casing without limiting product quality or taste.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in a variety of transfer colors and smokes
  • Barrier properties increase product shelf life and improve cooking yields
  • Casings never require soaking prior to use and are available in shirred sticks and cut pieces
  • Diameter control to increase productivity and reduce product giveaway
  • Greater manufacturing flexibility and increased throughput (reduced cycle time) without costly equipment investment
  • Prevents cross-contamination by isolating entire cook process
  • Available in a variety of hardwood smoke flavors
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Size Range
  • From 115 to 290 mm, flat width (79 to 199 mm diameter)
Color Range
  • Caramel P, H, B colors available in:
    • Standard
    • Medium
    • Dark
    • Super Dark
  • Variety of Clean Label options
Smoke Range
  • Smoke 1, 3, 5, 7 flavors available in:
    • Mild
    • Medium
    • Strong
Finishing Formats
  • Ready to use in shirred sticks for high-speed stuffing machines, reels or cut pieces

Product Variations

VISCOAT® casings are available in three product variations: VISCOAT®, VISCOAT NXT™ and VISCOAT® Flat casings. Each has been designed to provide optimal product performance for a variety of applications. Contact a sales representative to learn which casing best suits your needs.

  • Seamed non-shrinkable transfer casing that utilizes an outer plastic layer and inner non-woven synthetic carrier layer

Consolidated Products: Viscoat® P

  • Seamless thermoshrinkable plastic carrier, providing good machinability and preventing the formation of jelly pockets
  • Unseamed version of standard Viscoat designed to be utilized on in-line seaming and clipping machines
  • Designed for large production volume items where efficiency is maximized

Consolidated Products: Viscoat® F

Transfer Options

Color Master™
  • Caramel P
    • Uniform golden color
  • Caramel H
    • Transfers a brown roasted color
  • Caramel B
    • Highlights the natural color of a braised roast beef
  • Clean Label
    • Eliminates the use of caramel colorants
    • E 150 free
Smoke Master™
  • Smoke 1
    • Transfers a light color to final product
    • Available in mild, medium, or strong flavor
  • Smoke 3
    • Transfers a medium color to final product
    • Available in mild, medium, or strong flavor
  • Smoke 5
    • Transfers a dark color to final product
    • Available in mild, medium, or strong flavor
  • Smoke 7
    • Transfers a super dark color to final product
    • Available in mild, medium, or strong flavor
  • Smoke & Caramel
    • A blend of smokes and caramels giving final products a unique flavor and color profile

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