Plastic Casings

VISDRY™ casings are high-permeability casings for dried or smoked sausages intended for manual peeling, as well as sliceable cured meats, and show weight losses typical for traditional dried and short cooking cycle semidry applications.

Features & Benefits


  • Highly permeable non-edible plastic casing in shiny and matte surfaces 
  • Straight or curved casing, available in shirred sticks to provide optimal performance 
  • Excellent performance and safe handling on all common clipping devices, both as shirred sticks and cut pieces 
  • Reduced permeability resists excessive meat drying on the outside (“dry rind”) and eliminates the need for curing in humid conditions 
  • Increased productivity with thinner than traditional casings for curing, allowing more casing per the same stick length when compared to collagen casing 
  • Suitable for short cook cycles with temperatures up to 85° C for 2 hours, 60° C for 15 hours, and no time restrictions at curing temperature below 30° C for traditional dried sausages
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Size Range
  • Straight casings from caliber (RSD) 35 to 65 mm 
  • Curved casings from caliber (RSD) 35 to 50 mm 
Color Range
  •  Available in clear and a range of colors to enhance a smoked product appearance 
  • Matte finishing available for a traditional look 
  • For individual colors ask your Viskase sales representative 
Finishing Formats
  • Flat reels, bundles, cut pieces 
  • Shirred sticks 
  • Ready-to-use shirring available for enhanced productivity and perfect hygiene 
  • From 1 to 6 colors, front and back is available depending on application 

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