Plastic Casings

VISFLEX® casings are high performance casings for a wide range of cheese and processed meat applications. Visflex® casings have exceptional barrier and shrink properties, making Visflex® casings ideal for water and steam processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Multilayer structure
  • Available in a wide range of colors and calibers
  • Optional high quality process printing (front and back) with up to 8 colors to enhance your brand and product’s visual appeal
  • Finished in a variety of formats including: flat reels, shirred sticks, and cut pieces for optimum productivity and food safety
  • Enhanced dimension stability for uniform sizing and wrinkle-free products
  • Consistent shrink for end-to-end stuffing diameter, leading to consistent slicing properties
  • Ideal meat adhesion to minimize purge, while simultaneously allowing easy peeling of final product
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Size Range
  • From 30 to 265 mm
Color Range
  • More than 30 colors available in the Viskase Color Manual
  • Metalized, matte, and other finishes also available in select colors
Finishing Formats
  • Flat reels, bundles, cut pieces, and shirred sticks
  • Specific lengths and capabilities on request
  • From 1 to 8 colors, front and back side
  • Continuous or process print

Product Variations

Visflex® casings are available in five product variations: Visflex® , Visflex® N, Visflex® Plus, Visflex® ST and Visflex® PR. Casings have each been designed to provide optimal product performance for a variety of applications.

  • Industry leading multilayer plastic (polyamide) casing
  • Combined caliber accuracy and excellent thermoshrinking properties, avoids wrinkles after cooling

Consolidated Products: Visflex® C, Walsroder® K Prof

  • Designed for greater elasticity
  • Allows expansion of the product during cooking

Consolidated Products: Visflex® E, Darmex Casing® Polybar 5® and Polybar E®

  • Higher barrier properties resulting in lower Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR)

Consolidated Products: Walsroder® K Plus

  • Designed for sterilization products
  • Can withstand increased pressure and temperature up to 130° C for two hours, to produce a shelf stable product that does not require refrigeration

Consolidated Products: Darmex Casing® Polybar T®


Designed to prevent tearing when punctured during processing or at final use

Ideal for pâté-type applications and processing where probe insertion is critical for the cooking process

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