Walsroder and Viskase are setting new standards in the sausage casing market

Lombard, Illinois. Viskase Companies, Inc., one of the world’s leading suppliers of artificial sausage casings, has acquired 100% of the shares of the Walsroder Casings Group. The acquisition includes the subsidiaries Walsroder Casings GmbH and Walsroder Casings Polska Sp. Z o.o as well as the casing business assets of Poly-Clip Systems, LLC, the US distributor of Walsroder products.

The strategic partnership and market strength of the two brands “Viskase” and “Walsroder” creates an exceptionally comprehensive product portfolio that offers the best advantages to existing and future customers.

The companies’ market leading products include small cellulose casings (Nojax), cellulose fibrous casings (Viskase Fibrous, Walsroder Fibrous, including the barrier casings F plus and FVP), textile casings and a wide range of plastic casings. The plastic group has also been expanded by all products of the Polish company Darmex which was also acquired by Viskase in 2016.

With these exceptional products, the Viskase portfolio of companies can offer complete solutions for the meat industry worldwide.

About Viskase®
Viskase Companies, Inc. was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1925, originally as The Visking Company. In this year, the company introduced the first synthetic sausage casing made from regenerated cellulose. This product was a revolutionary step forward in the meat processing industry. It allowed for large gains in productivity and efficiency to manufacture ready-to-eat meat products. In the years since, the Company has continued to put emphasis on innovation and has introduced new products, new concepts, and product adaptations to fit our customers’ needs. Expanding into new markets, and growing the business in existing markets, has led Viskase to becoming the company it is today; focused on helping the customers bring safe and affordable protein sources to people around the world.

About Walsroder® Casings GmbH
Since 1928, Walsroder Casings GmbH has been a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality casings for sausage products as well as a technological service provider for manufacturers of sausage products in industry and butchers trade. The Walsroder brand stands for extraordinary quality, innovative research and development as well as for highly recognized service providing for the meat processing industry. The Walsroder Group employs about 450 people at the locations Bomlitz, Germany and Legnica, Poland. For fiscal year 2016, the total sales of Walsroder are approximately 60 million US-dollars.

About Darmex Casing® Sp. z o.o.
Since 1996, Darmex Casing has been a manufacturer and supplier of high quality plastic sausage casings. Darmex provides unique and innovative solutions to the meat industry both in Poland and markets around the world. Darmex is based in Świecie and employs approximately 75 people. Darmex was previously owned by Supravis Group S.A.